Artist Statement

I am an image maker who is interested in merging historical figurative painting techniques with contemporary design sensibilities and contemporary materials. The artworks I produce are, on one level, all about surface. The surface of the material being painted upon is just as important as the subject matter. The juxtaposition of highly realistic imagery with flat graphic imagery creates a dynamic between the two that accentuates the true two-dimensional quality of the painting while also reinforcing the three-dimensional illusion. Through the interplay of these seemingly disparate visual clues I attempt to address ideas about relationships and connections to people and places through the literal and the allegorical as well as the literary. I often think of the finished work as haiku or short poems that are read visually.

Artist Bio

I received my BFA in studio art from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 1996. I earned my MFA in painting and drawing from Fontbonne University in St. Louis in 2001. I have exhibited extensively in the mid west and have shown in several national venues. I have taught painting and drawing for 12 years and am currently the painting professor at Front Range Community College in Longmont, Colorado.